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Although we do not provide the moving truck we do come with a hand truck, four-wheel dolly and a lot of moving blankets. We charge $80/hr for a two-person crew and $110/hr for a three-person crew, both with a two-hour minimum.

Information about insurance options on Resources page.

We are a family-owned moving labor service. We have been helping customers in the Portland area since 2004. We work within a 20-mile radius of our home in SE Portland, 97206. We offer loading/unloading services of moving trucks, PODs, and other types of containers. We also can help moving your furniture within your home in preparation for remodeling projects.

How long will the job take?

These are general estimates (using a two-person crew) based on our experience. Of course, every job is unique!

Truck SizeLoadingUnloading
14-ft1-2 hours1 hour
17-ft2-3 hours2 hours
26-ft4-5 hours3 hours

So for example you would like to hire us to load and unload your household goods using a 17-ft truck. If would be safe to assume it could take up to five hours. Probably not longer than that and quite possibly less time than that. Third floor apartments obviously add time. Condo and apartment buildings with elevators add time. Long steep drive ways can add time.

We highly recommend a three-person crew when loading and unloading a 26-ft truck (sometimes a 17-ft truck as well). Generally, the final cost will be about the same, but the job will take less time and the entire process is much smoother and more efficient.